How is traditional dating different from online dating?

Internet has given a whole new meaning and life to way people used to date earlier and now. Traditionally, if some had to find a date, it would begin with personally meeting a person, fixing up a date and then days and weeks of interaction until they finally decided whether or not, he or she is the ‘the one’.

In the traditional method, people are not left with many options. Often times, friends would set up each other on blind dates while playing matchmaker. It was unlikely and no one expected that people would be able to interact and explore numerous matches within a small period of time at the comfort of house.

This is what online dating is all about. There are a lot of differences in these two forms of dating. In real time dating, the first impression of men looking for women and vice versa was based on the outward appearances and depending on how attractive a person is. On the other hand, first impression would be shaped by factors such as age; hobbies, interest, career and the way a person interact, since there is no personal interaction taking place.

If not always, then generally traditional method would put two people together who usually reside in same location. Those people might know each other from their jobs, school, college, or through any acquaintance. However, since internet is a global concept, people from all across the globe can meet with anyone from any part of the world. However, dating websites come with an option to filter candidates as per a defined radius and circle from a particular location.

Another difference is that offline method of meeting people can demand a lot of time. Narrowing down the characteristics, qualities and traits of a person would demand arranging a date, sitting together and chatting for a couple of hours. On the other hand, an internet connection lets you narrow down major characteristics sitting at you home within a onetime chat without having to make meeting arrangements.

For two people, getting to know each other better in a physical setting is often time consuming and complex. A lot of factors determine the quality of conversation in this method.

With online environment, people can just sit back and talk with anyone without any inhibition, shyness, and interruptions. This setting allows people to get a better understanding of other other’s intentions, religious views, believes, personality traits, interest and other such criteria before they begin meeting in person.

Today a large population of men looking for women prefer to use online method of dating than the traditional method.


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