Can love happen online?

How often do you get online in a day? The average adult does about 4-5 times. When was the last time you bought something off of the internet? Last week? Last month? Surely, at least once in the past year!

In a time, when connectivity, functionality, and every other rare or everyday dealing are closely linked to the World Wide Web, I ask a very foreseeable question:

Is there a place for the greatest emotion for the world, in this mix?

Is there a place for love, and is it possible for it to happen online!

In an effort to find a definite answer, here are a few statistics; more than three fourth of singles in the US have tried online dating. The revenue generated by all the online websites combined is in billions. Perhaps, the following is the most telling fact of them all; on an average, 1 out every 4 couples meet online.

Whether you are a firm believer of the numbers game, or bestow your trust in nothing but concrete facts, the answer to the question asked earlier is a resounding yes!

Not only can love happen online, but come to think about it, here you can find someone whose personality and traits match perfectly with your dream boy or girl.

The reason why online dating is so popular is actually quite simple and completely understandable. There is no harm. There is simply no way this can come back to bite you. You will always remain fully in control of your online presence, which in this case means, your online dating profile. You will, at all times, get to control who can initiate a conversation, who you will entertain, and who will eventually be given a chance to tap into your personal life, and in what capacity.

Long story short, on the internet, you get to decide just how approachable you are, and can change the level depending on your mood, current state of mind or overall state of affairs.

Every day, new people meet online, and a good deal of them become something more than just friends. You can find anyone from a Filipino girl to Ugandan Royalty online.

Principally, by creating an online dating profile, one opens up the world of possibilities. Endless possibilities that may very well lead to something that will one day compel you to view the entire experience in hindsight, as ‘the best decision you ever made’.


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