9 Killer Dating Tips That’ll Even Work For Idiots!

Online dating has seen a boost in the last few years. Just few click, some information about you, your pictures, and you are good to go. Who knew, finding partners would ever get this easy!
While there are some that do it for fun, others are there for serious business- finding love!
But believe it or not, some people even find dating online challenging! Irony!
Here are 9 sure shot tips that will take you a long way in online dating, and maybe get you a partner too-
1. A great profile will get you all the confidence you need for hitting on someone on a dating website. So, you better get to it. Fill all the areas, and upload a decent picture (or may be more).

2. Be peculiar about your screen name. Get yourself a decent screen name as weird names like hot4u, or handsome-hunk-in-love will not get results.

3. Do not sound desperate! Everything about you must look nice and decent. Avoid self-boasting, but do not hesitate to enlist good thing about your personality.

4. Don’t lie! Even if you do, don’t get caught! That is what the art of lying says.

5. Don’t fall in love too soon, or with everyone! Have some patience and take it slow!

6. If you haven’t been lucky with dating so far, maybe you’d like to try dating some other people (maybe Filipinos, as they are very friendly). Log on to a website popular for Filipino online dating, and who knows you could be appreciated for who you are, there! There is no harm in little experimenting.

7. Never try to show what you are not. You can never be good at what you are not! Be who you are.

8. It would be cool if you are humorous. But if you are not, don’t push yourself to sound funny, as you may sound like a complete idiot.

9. If you look average (or somewhat average) and sound cool, genuine, and not a weirdo; chances are high that you will end up finding someone. 60% of the people worldwide fall in this category, and certainly, they do not end up lonely.
This post will do nothing good, if you don’t follow it sincerely. As suggested in 6th point, do not hesitate to do a little experiment. I have read many successful dating stories about dating Filipinos. Who knows, next could be yours!


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