How to find a genuine dating website and a genuine profile?

Dating websites has emerged as a new method for finding the perfect life partner and new friends. In every big to small country such as Philippine, people are choosing a dating site to find dates over other options. Many websites provide numerous dating options to their users.

However, sometimes it becomes difficult for users to identify a genuine website or profile. News of dating scams increase doubt among people about their genuinity. So, how can you recognize a genuine site or profile? Answer is –

Go only for well-known sites – It is important that you go only on well-known and respected sites. Sign up for any unknown or new website in not advisable. Respected and well-known sites have proper rules and privacy policy etc. They also have a reputation to keep. It will ensure your privacy and security.

Ask others’ opinion – Before signing up on a dating website, it is advisable to ask for other people’s opinion. You can ask your friends about a good site. Many people take help of these sites to find a partner. There are chances that some of these people are your friend who can provide you good advice.

Check reviews – You can also make opinion about a certain website by checking its reviews on internet. Select the option with most positive reviews from existing or former members. You can also check testimonials (if provided) to get more information on site’s reputation.

Read all terms, conditions and privacy policy – Before signing up, make sure to read all the terms and conditions. It will help you to ensure that all your private information is secured and protected.

After finding a genuine website, next step is to find an honest profile. How can you spot a genuine profile? Answer is –

  • You can recognize a genuine profile by its comprehensive and detailed information. Scammers usually never fill proper information.

  • Scammers try to get information from users such as their phone numbers, address, email address etc. Stay away from these users. Genuine users understand the need to protect privacy, so they will not push you for this information.

  • Scammers usually use a very attractive image to get the attention of users. If you think that user is too good to be true, then it can be scammer. Look for profiles in which images look real instead of insanely beautiful.

  • You can crosscheck a profile’s information on social media. Look for them on Facebook or Twitter etc.

Follow your instincts and rules. It will protect you from scammers and help you to find a new friend or more than friend.


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