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How can you be safe while dating online?

The online dating trend has attracted a good number of users especially youngsters. The magic of dating websites on youngsters is such that they are spending hours on the websites. The availability of internet has changed the whole scenario. Even dating mediums have also changed, all thanks to the revolution of internet.


The fact, which remains in our mind, is this only that the online websites are safe or not. There are many allegations put on these websites on the issues related to privacy of the data. A  Filipino online dating  even made an effort to set up an organization, which will help in seizing the culprits

There are tips, which followed by an individual can do wonders in protecting the privacy. These tips can be helpful in protecting your presence on online dating websites. Some of the tips are as follows-

No sharing of Photos – Make it a promise to yourself that you will not share your photographs with strangers in online dating. The internet has given power to connect with an individual in another part of the World. That does not mean that you can share all of your information with that stranger. The trust factor is as low as it can be. You cannot trust a stranger with a blind eye. Therefore, it is recommended not to share any sort of information with individuals, be it photographs, phone number, address, credit card number, and Social Security Number (SSN).

Block suspicious users – If you see any sort of suspicion activity by a user, make sure you report it and block it. A single block can help in saving the threat this user can prove to others. Make sure you are credible with enough reason to block the individual. The online websites have seen loads of cases, where users have been blocked from using the website, as there were many complaints against them.

Use Common sense – The common sense is a big factor in today’s time. On the contrary, it is something, which is not commonly available. A user should make use of commonsense to avoid an awkward situation on dating websites. It is necessary to make use of all the knowledge you have before trusting a stranger. Think twice, before trusting someone one on a dating website. The first and foremost step is to Google the name; it can prove to be helpful. Apart from this, ask the other person to prove the authenticity.


How to Select an Authentic Dating Website?

Online dating has become an important aspect. Today’s generation is glued to their mobile phones, laptops, computers, and other tools. A newer option is available in today’s time to connect with the people. There are number of stories, where people have met their better half with the help of internet.

The dating experience has been made smooth with the inclusion of number of Philippine dating sites. These dating websites are instrumental in finding your loved ones with just a click. Following is the list of points, which you should keep in mind before signing for dating websites –


  • Research – Thorough research is must before signing in any of the dating sites. The reviews and comments of users would allow you to know about a dating website in a better way. The more you research, the better it is for you to land in authentic dating websites. Thorough research is required, if you want to use authentic dating websites.

  • Active Members – The active members of a website determines about its likeability in the public. Check the number of active and registered members. A good number of registered users give a surety at the back of the mind of new users that the website is authentic and can be used further. The number of users does makes a difference, when new users are about to sign in.

  • Maintenance of Privacy – The privacy is one of the most important point need to be kept in mind. The maintenance of privacy is an important aspect. The terms and conditions need to be read thoroughly before signing in. The data presented to the dating website might be at high risk, therefore, it is necessary to opt for dating websites, which are authentic and do not pass information of users.

  • Additional Features – The additional features like chatting, video chat, and video loading etc. have become an important aspect. The dating websites have started providing these features as essentials. It is important for a user to ensure that check these facilities before joining in.

  • Charges – There are few dating websites, which charge on monthly or yearly basis. It is important to know how much amount is going to be detected from your account, if you have an account on dating website. However, there is availability of websites, which do not charge a penny for the same.

Comparison between real life and online dating

Finding a special one is becoming more and more difficult with every day. Busy lifestyle has pushed people into a hectic schedules, where is no time for themselves. With the emergence of online dating, it became a little bit easier to continue the search for ‘the one’. However, many people do not feel that there is much difference between real life and Filipino online dating.

These both aspects are different from each other in more than one way such as:


Options – Main difference between online and real life dating is about options. In day-to-day lifestyle, most of the people find it hard to get a date. People with a full time job or other responsibilities, find it even harder. Even if they are successful, they will find one date at the most. Therefore, in websites, it is easier to find your perfect match or matches. There are millions of users on these websites and anyone of them can be your perfect match. You get many options on these websites, sorted out on the basis of your preferences.

Locality – Locality is another difference between real life and online dating. In real life, it is almost impossible to meet new people from different regions, states, or even countries. Options stay limited to local location. In websites, one gets the opportunity to communicate with millions of users, not just local, but from other places too. You can even meet people from other countries. Meeting new individuals out of social circle is a whole new experience in itself.

Time – Time is another difference between online and real life dating. In day-to-day lifestyle, it is hard to find free time to go out and meet new people. Usually, busy schedules of individuals clash with each other. In websites, one can log in at any time. Websites give you the luxury to continue your search for the perfect one at any hour of day.

Knowledge level – In real life dates, you do not know much about the other person until you meet them. In dating websites, users usually know enough about other person before meeting them personally. It gives you an advantage in conversations since you already know your date. It also gives you an opportunity to choose if you want to meet other person or not.

Other than above-mentioned aspects, real life and online dating are different in communication, cost and privacy etc. It is a sea of opportunities in which you can find your perfect partner.

Looking for a date? Read the Tips Below!

The online dating is a new concept to find a new partner. There are many love stories, which have started with the help of internet. It is difficult to find authentic dating websites as there is a long list of unauthentic websites as well. The beginners need not worry at all.

The choice of authentic dating websites has become a huge choice. There is a list below, which can help in making sure that you find the most authentic and original dating website –

philipines singlesThorough Research – There is a plenty of dating websites, which are unique and genuine. A thorough research can be helpful in making sure that you land and create your account in a genuine and authentic website.

ORM – The ORM (Online Reputation Management) can play a crucial role in the selection of a dating website. Therefore, read all the reviews of a dating website before signing in. The comments can be helpful in ensuring, which website to choose or not. The reliability of dating sites in Philippines can be ascertained from the fact that large number of people are logging in and trusting these websites.

Look for Active Users – The number of active users can be helpful in making a decision that the website is watchful or not. The list of active and registered users helps in ensuring that the website is working fine. The number of users is available on respective websites. Each website shows the number of active users to display themselves as one of the most dependable dating websites.

Privacy Quotient – The privacy quotient can be a crucial thing for users. The terms and conditions of the dating websites need to be read well in advance. The privacy of users is an important aspect and dating sites fully understands this. The information is kept under the cover all the time. The dating websites have stricter policies against data selling. The users can be sure that there data is secured with the dating websites.

Availability of Features – There are only a few dating websites, which provide video chat, photo sharing, video streaming, live chat and many other related features. These features allow a user to communicate with the members in unique and exclusive manner. The enhanced features are available in some of the prominent and genuine websites.

The search for love made easy!

Our lives are full of so many filters. From physical aspects to social aspects, we tend to implement those filters to achieve what is best for us. For example by the time we are adult, we end up narrowing down our choices in terms of preferred job options, and cities we desire to live in and other such things. What if, we could put such filters when it comes to dating as well?

With online dating, it is possible. In real life, you cannot roam around with a board in your hands, describing your personality. After stepping in the world of dating, there is no way we can specifically tell our potential dates what best describe our personality, but in offline dating, it is possible.

In the world of internet, anyone can attract as many potential dates as one wishes to. Before internet came into picture, you could find a beautiful girl in the city, and fall in love only to realize that she was in town for just a couple of weeks.

Online, you can save yourself from going through such tragedy. The users of online dating websites have the freedom to design their profile in a way that would get them noticed by dates that are looking for the exact form of relations as they are. All these filters are not easily implementable offline.

If you wish to be in an open relation, you can easily find dates that are looking for the same thing. There are few things that couples find out about each other on a later stage, which often end up turning into deal breakers. Online dating allows users to speak their heart out in an honest manner so that nothing remains under the wraps.

You can even put the filters as to girls from which ethnicity you would prefer. For example, some people find Filipino women particularly attractive. You can easily find a Filipino single via online dating sites if you wish to date one.

Sometimes a common hobby is all it takes for a potential couple to bond over. In real life, it is difficult to find like-minded people who share the same set of hobbies and likes and dislikes. However, you dating profile will let others know about your passions and attract dates who share the same passion.

Other girls will only start to date you after they have read your profile and know what to expect from you, so this will not lead to any disappointment between the two on a later stage.

Dating is as interesting, as it always was!

After hitting a certain age, it is common for us humans to feel a need of emotional belonging, affection, and a need to feel loved. Although we are surrounded with people who truly love us, but the desire we are discussing here is that of a romantic partner which cannot be fulfilled otherwise. And this is when; people start to look for a dating partner.

While social enthusiasts and extroverts find it pretty easy to find a love match, introverts and shy individuals are the ones who may end up pretty lonely for long periods of time. But thanks to the technology bringing solution to each problem that now dating has become so much simplified and easy.

Online dating in the Philippines is the new ‘in’ thing, which the youth of country is actively involved in. This form of dating has become an international phenomenon, through which countless people found their ideal match, without involving in much ado.

Just imagine yourself meeting someone who you feel infatuated to. The way to get that person like you back and show interest in you would begin with starting off a healthy and dynamic conversation. This will follow several meetings, that too if the other person is also interested in looking for a love partner. It is a slow process which can take weeks and even months.

The person needs to dress up every time he will be going out for a coffee, or even for a regular interaction. Those who like to dress up may find it fun and interesting, but not so style-conscious people find it a little challenging.

However, with the world of online dating, things are totally different. First of all, all the available people are the ones who are there to find romantic partners, friends and meet new people. These are the individuals who are there willingly to talk with random people.

This will cut down half of your efforts in the very first place as you won’t be the only one making efforts. All you need to do is leave a strong and healthy impression by engaging into intriguing conversation to keep the person glued to your profile and chat window.

What makes this modern dating method so much popular is that it allows the users to portray any type of image they want to, regardless of their physical appearance, looks, or dressing sense. This may become more difficult in offline dating.